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Step into hyper-reality simulation training.

AnimaticmediaVR™ combines the latest in VR, motion capture & simulation technology to provide your trainees a new
breed of mixed-reality learning—as physical and digital props, coexist and interact in real time. We provide custom
solutions for the military, law enforcement and sports markets.

SOLDIER VIRTUAL TRAINER (SVT) system leverages the UnReal 4™ game engine, GrabHold™ & wearable technology,
set props and a proprietary hardware & software suite, that provides a next generation dismounted soldier training
system— taking the soldier as close as it gets to real world wargame scenarios.

Participants are equipped with a virtual reality HMD, motion capture gloves and multipack vest that, carries a high-grade
gaming computer. Only 6 body tracking sensors capture full body movements in 1-to-1 scale to custom built set environments.
SVT is reconfigurable, flexible and transportable. SVT Systems can range from 1 to 12 people.

Let’s chat and you’ll discover how cost effective our SVT system can be.

Feel your surroundings

For the first time, Advanced Grabhold™ technology gives trainees the ability to see and use their hands and
fingers in VR. Pick up physical weaponry and instrumentation props that function and coexist in the virtual
space., You duck crawl, and hide behind real-world props tailor-made for your specific training mission, which
provides a mixed reality training experience that engages your whole body. Grabhold technology is designed
for the ways you train with your hands.

Affordable hyper-fidelty training

AnimaticmediaVR leverages Unreal 4™ game technology to provide cutting-edge high-resolution graphics and
video game capabilities. Program the strengths of AI enemy combatants to match the skill levels of the trainee,
combined with our next generation VR backpack, fabricated weaponry and mixed reality training system, all
providing capabilities never before available in an LVC training simulator.

visuals and audio sync with their physical actions.

SVT at ITSEC 2016

We debuted a working prototype of SVT at I/ITSEC 2016, the world’s largest modeling simualtion training event — out
of a 10’x10’ booth. This was validation of the flexibility and transportable features of the the VR simulator.

Get the latest information

At AnimaticmediaVR™ We’re a group advertising rebels, engineering gurus, and creative directors that sweat every
detail, in every phase of our VR simulation projects. We will be launching major updates to SVT this spring/summer.
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Talented people, working insane hours, delivering the best animatics in the industry, all while keeping up with my wittiness. Animatic Media gets it and I could not ask for a better partner. Thanks fo...
Jason Georgen
Leo Burnett-Chicago
Great to have really fast turnaround times and quite affordable. Love the online review process.
Michael Lees-Rolfe
The producer on my job was professional and incredibly helpful. She gives me many reasons to want to work with her again. Thank you. For making my experience stress free. Kevin JamesLAPIZ
Kevin James
Feedback was implemented quickly and they turned out great.
Oliver MacDonald
DDB California
Animaticmedia was a pure pleasure to work with. It was only the second animatics job in my career and they made the process incredibly smooth and I learned a great deal from them. Their entire team wa...
Brent Holt
Animatic Media is very easy to work with. From start to finish animatic media has been a huge help from the sketches to finalizing any revisions. You guys are good with responding right away and provi...
Juale Chavez
I'd have to say your team is very impressive. Everyone was extremely professional, accommodating and the final work was top notch! 
Pamela Fazio
Animaticmedia helped us crank out an animatic on an insane deadline. They did a great job for the extremely quick turnaround, and were always professional even in stressful moments.
Kristen Schwanz
Leo Burnett-Chicago
Better than I expected. You guys we amazing!
Gabriel Reyes
It has been great and convenient working with the Animaticmedia team. All of my projects have been completed on time and within budget.
Amanda Holtz
DDB California
Very helpful - you guys did a great job!
Jesse Brook
Leo Burnett - Toronto
You guys were very communicative and collaborative. And very easy to work with. Now I have more time to focus on other projects while Animaticmedia does all the work
Aldo Gagliardi
It was incredible to work with the team from Animatic Media. They were extremely response, helpful and attentive to detail on creative feedback. Keep it up. Incredible experience. Will work with agai...
Johann Lopez
Working with Animaticmedia was a unique experience. Not only was the end result well above what we were expecting, but the process was simple and efficient. The team constantly used their initiative i...
Darren Borrino
Animatic media has been amazing!! Turning around animations on an insane timeline!!! They are the best!!
Alex Dossett
TBWA Chiat Day - LA
Alex and Ana, our project managers, were ANGELS to work with. Our timeline was terribly truncated and the clients' demands were challenging. They made it happen, and they were easy to work with.
Kayla Osmond
Leo Burnett - Toronto
Brought the spot to life more completely than any animatic I've seen. Likely gave the client and test audiences a fuller picture of what the finished spot would look like.
Graeme Campbell
Leo Burnett - Toronto
AnimaticMedia turned a tricky project with a tight deadline into a pleasurable experience for all involved. The quality of the work was outstanding, and the team who worked on the animatic were unflap...
Katherine Maidment
MC Saatchi London
Working with Animaticmedia was an absolutely friction-less experience. Kelly and her highly talented team were friendly and helpful, intuitively grasped the task at hand, and produced work to an excep...
Rob Rutherford
We have so many other things we are thinking about when selling an idea in to the client. It's nice not to have to worry about the level of expertise and experience from your artists and producers. An...
Randy Rogers
It was a nice process and seamless. I like the tools you offer on the website, user friendly, productive for direction and client updates on the fly.
Richard Romero
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