Augmented Reality


It’s Pokemon Go for brands—our web based platform uses geolocation and frees you from the expense of developing a native app for both iOS and Android

No hassles, no downloads. Combine that with a server space, Node.js and websockets and we offer a platform that tracks multiplayers in a gaming environment similar to Pokemon Go— except this game’s content will have the look and feel of your brand. We also develop in native iOS and Android apps and work directly with brand marketers and agencies to build custom Augmented Reality solutions for marketing campaigns, trade shows and experiential events.


Custom features frequently include branding specifications, multiplayer functionality, navigation, user interfaces, animations, complex or large-scale AR effects, web based AR platforms and more. Services may include 3D modeling, integration with other software services or ecommerce platforms, game development, location-based installations, notifications, complex animations, micro locations, or other advanced AR effects.


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