Nissan Altima
Car Configurator


Once upon a time, automobile manufactures did photographic 360° turnarounds of their cars— then technology happened. Javascript Game Engines disrupted the space and allowed car brands like Ford, Renault and Porsche to showcase their products in real-time interactive 3D—changing colors, details, positions and angles on the fly.


Our mission at AnimaticmediaVR was to build an interactive WebGL prototype that could show brand managers how they could engage potential customers with their products in real-time 3d on any platform. For our demonstration we choose one of Nissan’s most iconic brands the Nissan Altima. Working with the scanned version of the Altima we converted the high-resolution file to a version that was suitable for game engines. We didn’t want to sacrifice quality, so we baked all the rich photographic details into a low poly version through a process called a Normal Map. We used this same process for all the cars reflections, colours and lights.


The most challenging aspect was not just creating code for the shaders of the car paint in 3D but converting this information to a Javascript Game Engine that allows the model to be viewed using WegGl—or in layman's terms allows anyone to view it on their desktop, tablet or mobile phone without the need of any plugins.

We wanted the background to be modern abstract structure that would complement the car and give it atmosphere so we created an 3d model and rendered it as a 360° spherical image.

The result of our efforts is a seamless mix of art and code that build a unique and engaging product experience..

“ We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of artistry. Using WebGl technology allows brands to give potential customers a more engaging experience. Shoppers can appreciate the design of a product, view it from different angles, choose different material options, product color, open compartments, check out interior areas of the product and turn off and on different features the product may have. For car brands you can even take the model for a spin.”

AnimaticmediaVR, Creative Director
Scott Ownbey

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