Capturing Faces

Capturing Faces

Facial motion capture systems were once used exclusively for Oscar-winning feature films and within the gaming world, but they are now available to the advertising industry too!

Here at AnimaticMedia we are using sophisticated facial capture and motion capture to aid the production of our 3D / CGI animatics. Our system allows us to easily and quickly capture expressive, realistic facial expressions and lip-sync from performance actors with a single video camera.

The best part is that whether you’re working on site or remotely, you can just sit-in on our performance capture sessions and offer real-time feedback.

This technology enhances our work by enabling us to capture genuine human emotion while streamlining the process for ease of use, affordable production and fast turnarounds. The more realistic our animatic characters are, the more likely the audience will empathise with them and engage with the storyline of your campaign, helping it pass through research successfully.

This technology, coupled with our fantastic library of pre-existing 3D characters really sets us ahead of other animatics producers around the globe!

If you’re interested to hear more about how this works, or would like to see a demonstration please get in touch.