Full-service boardomatic production

We’re capable of handling all aspects of boardomatic production from storyboards, reference gathering, timing drafts, editing, sound design, post production and visual effects. Boardomatics can be drawn, rendered in 3d or created using photographs.

What is a boardomatic?

What is a boardomatic? Boardomatics provide a cost effective way to get your idea through commercial testing. Storyboard pros visualize your script, considering production design, spatial connections, scene staging, depth of frame, camera angles and point of view. An editor will then take the storyboard frames and using limited camera animation of pans, zooms, dissolves place the storyboard frames in a timeline accompanied with a audio track that provides the pacing.

The finished boardomatic edit helps you effectively evaluate the creative and brand impact of your idea in various ad testing platforms.

6 Power boardomatic examples that scored
off the charts with focus groups