Bring your favorite
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We can transform your beloved animated
characters into custom chatbots that integrate
seamlessly into your company’s website or social
networking apps.

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ChatGPT: Revolutionizing conversational A.I.

While ChatGPT is paving the way for the future of conversational AI by understanding and responding to a wide range of topics and providing personalized experiences for your customers, it wasn’t built to activate expressions or animations.

That’s where our team comes in - we have developed a patent-pending system that connects ChatGPT to 2D or 3D avatars using APIs to activate speech, animations, and emotions. With our cutting-edge technology, we can transform your beloved animated characters into custom chatbots that provide immersive experiences for your audience.

Furwee- a custom animated chatbot

Furwee transforms playtime into a learning adventure

How we turn your
character into a chatbot

Animatic Media has just launched a revolutionary new system that connects ChatGPT to 2D or 3D avatars using APIs to activate speech, animations, and emotions. Powered by ChatGPT, the most advanced AI language model developed by OpenAI, our chatbots can provide immersive experiences that entertain your audience, answer customer queries, and provide valuable insights and information.

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A customized chatbot that
fits your brand

At Animatic Media, we understand that your chatbot needs to adhere to your company’s brand and safety guidelines. Our team of expert engineers can help train your chatbot to be more restricted in what it can answer. We can make sure that your chatbot only provides appropriate responses and doesn’t give out opinions on controversial topics like politics or religion. With our implementation, you can be confident that your chatbot always provides valuable and safe interactions with your customers.

Let us build your chatbot

We have extensive experience in developing AI chatbots, including the creation of Furwee, a proof-of-concept educational chatbot for kids, and we were the core team, behind the creation of Amelia, a 3D customer service chatbot which has over 9 million active users, 108 languages, and over 1,000 integrations. We know firsthand the difficulties associated with creating 2D to hyper-realistic 3D chatbots, making us the perfect partner to bring your favorite animated characters to life as an AI chatbot.

Our team of experienced animators and programmers uses the latest GPT-3.5 model designed for large workloads to build AI-powered, self-learning chatbots. These chatbots can respond to queries or complaints, follow up or take feedback, educate or entertain your audience in an immersive 2D or 3D environment, or perform predefined tasks.

Why talk to your favorite animated character using ChatGPT?

Talking to your favorite animated character using ChatGPT can be a fun and engaging way to enhance your online conversations. Whether you’re chatting with friends or engaging with customers on your website, incorporating these characters can add a touch of personality and whimsy to your interactions.

For businesses, using animated characters in your marketing and branding can help you stand out from the competition. By creating a unique and memorable character, you can build brand recognition and increase customer loyalty. Our team of artists & programmers can make that happen.

Personalized Interaction

With a custom AI chatbot, you can interact with your favorite animated character in a more personalized way. You can ask it questions, have a conversation, and even receive personalized messages and updates.

24/7 Availability

Unlike humans, chatbots are available 24/7. You can interact with your chatbot at any time of the day or night, without having to worry about time zones or availability.


AI chatbots are highly scalable. They can handle multiple conversations at once and can be used by thousands of users simultaneously, without any lag or downtime.


Using an AI chatbot is much more cost-effective than hiring a human to provide customer service or entertainment. Chatbots can handle repetitive tasks and provide instant responses, saving time and money.

Benefits of Using Animated Characters in Gaming

Players can connect with the character on a personal level, which can increase their emotional investment in the game. Characters can be programmed to respond to different situations in unique ways, making each gaming experience different and exciting. This adds replay value to the game and encourages players to keep coming back for more. Create custom avatars. Players can create their own unique character to represent them in the game, which adds a personal touch and helps them feel more invested in the game.


Chatbots can market new superhero movies

Programming superhero characters for adventure scenarios can generate buzz and excitement among fans. The chatbot could prompt users with different scenarios.

Based on their responses, the chatbot could guide users through an adventure where they work with Iron Man to save the city and defeat the villains. Along the way, they could uncover clues and solve puzzles to progress through the story.

This type of marketing can create an immersive experience for fans and generate excitement for the movie. By allowing fans to interact with the character and be a part of the action, they will feel more invested in the story and more likely to see the movie.

Leave the complex A.I.
integrations to us

While some self-service chatbot development tools allow business users to create chatbots, machine learning and AI integration often require deeper technical knowledge. That’s where we come in. We help our clients deploy chatbots by working on the complex AI integrations. With our expertise, you can have a chatbot that’s not only engaging and personalized but also seamlessly integrated into your business processes.

Transform Your Customer Interactions Today!

Why settle for boring and impersonal customer service? With our custom chatbots powered by ChatGPT, you can bring your favorite animated characters to life and engage with your audience in a whole new way. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.