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  • live-video monitoring
  • Body and facial capture
  • Reference video for animator reference

Fast and affordable motion capture

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Motion Capture

Next-generation storytelling starts with an amazing performance in our motion capture studio. Work alongside a motion capture director or direct the action yourself as we live stream all capture sessions through Skype. You’ll be able to see and express stories in previously unimagined ways as we breathe life into any character.

See case study.
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Facial Capture

Facial capture is done using head-mounted cameras that track every subtle movement of the human face, ensuring that your talent’s complete facial expressions, lip sync and dialogue performances are captured and animated with the highest precision and quality.

We can combine audio tracks,body data, facial capture and finger tracking to fully record every aspect and nuance of an actor’s performance.

Prop Creation

We can custom build you any type of prop, or stage your story requires. Our staff of set designers works closely with you and our motion capture crew, from the design to build stage, ensuring all props will bothtrack easily and be scaled to sync perfectly to the characters’ movements and environment.

prop creation


Our in-house casting department can find you experienced performance capture talent of all types: from dancers and
choreographers to the regular guy on the street to stunt actors, professional athletes, military, martial artists, and acrobats.
We have cultivated close relationships with performance artists here in South Florida, and other specialized talent to
give you wide variety of options to choose from.


Our pricing
is simple

First select a studio package
that fits your budget

  • Body Capture
  • $1,995
  • Let's get started
  • *Up to 3 actors
  • Mocap Studio rental
  • Mocap Operator
  • Live-video monitoring
  • [Additional time at $498.75 per hr]

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  • popular
  • Performance Pack
  • $2,495
  • Let's get started
  • *Up to 3 actors
  • Mocap Studio rental
  • Mocap Operator
  • Live-video monitoring
  • Finger capture
  • Facial capture
  • [Additional time at $623.75 per hr]

    call us954 462 4000

* Casting is billed separately. See pricing below


Mocap Director

$ 95 /hour

Ensures you get the best casting performances synced to your script

  • Ensures character movement performance choices are explored and recorded

Reference video

$ 175  

Video reference provides animators with generous coverage and action reference.

  • Video is shot to match your storyboard.



$ 175 /hour

Our in-house performance actors are pros at turning your script into motion.

  • Regular street characters
  • 2 hour minimum

Specialized performers

$ 150  starts

We’ve cultivated close relationships with specialized performance artists.

  • Dancers
  • Choreographers
  • Martial artists
  • Acrobatics
Let’s take your script and draw a
compelling visual narrative.
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