We specialize in digital doubles
& cgi characters for 3D animation

We are extremely experienced in the creation of highly realistic, organic and believable digital doubles. Our proprietary digital double process is a fast way to create photo-realistic and highly organic digital characters. Whether your character is to be made entirely from scratch (in the case of a deceased celebrity, or a fictional character) or you want to create an exact digital record of a living celebrity we are the company for you.

3d head scanning to modeling

3D head scanning to modeling

We use the latest 3D scanning hardware to software solutions to create digital doubles and cgi characters, from start to finish. We provide casting, scanning, modeling, rigging and animation services, with means tailored to each production.

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Power your next animatic or animation project with our industry leading artists that specialize in cutout animation. Whether
you need a boardomatic, animatic, 3D cinematic, broadcast animation or anything in between—we craft dynamic
animations that make getting your idea through research- effortless.