Full-service live test production

We’re capable of handling all aspects of live-test production from pre production, storyboards, timing drafts, casting ( union or non-union) principle photography, videography,wardrobe styling, makeup, green screen photography, editing, animation, sound design, post production and visual effects.

What is a Live-Test?

What is a live-test spot? A Live-test spot is shot on video based on storyboards that consider production design, spatial connections, scene staging, depth of frame, camera angles and point of view, all with the emphasis of telling a captivating story from the script.

The main difference between a photomatic and Live-test is actors are shot with video cameras on location or on green screen and composited with After Effects into 3D rendered backgrounds or matte paintings. The look and feel of the Live-test spot is considered the closest version to a full-up broadcast version that involves a much larger crew and budget.