Voice-Over Casting

Setting the right tone. Finding the right voice for your VO and lead characters is a critical component of your animatic. Having global connections the Union and Non Union acting pool allows us to find the best actors to deliver your message. We submit only the best candidates, saving you the hassle of sifting through auditions that are “not quite right.”

Power your audio with
confidence and clarity

Our partner’s studios at ARU Chicago are sonically and technically matched, so our sound engineers can step into any room and feel right at home without skipping a beat—giving us the power to meet your needs at a moments notice.

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Power your next animatic or animation project with our industry leading artists that specialize in cutout animation. Whether
you need a boardomatic, animatic, 3D cinematic, broadcast animation or anything in between—we craft dynamic
animations that make getting your idea through research- effortless.