Full-service 3D animatic production

We’re capable of handling all aspects of 3D animatic or cinematic production from pre production, storyboards timing drafts, large previz 3D model library, custom model creation, motion capture, editing, animation, sound design, post production and visual effects.

What is a 3D animatic?

A 3D animatic has the look and feel of a motion picture video but created entirely digitally using 3D actors and environments. A 3D animatic is based on an a boardomatic or animatic that is used as a guide for scene duration, production design, spatial connections, scene staging, depth of frame, camera angles, and point of view, all with the emphasis of telling a captivating story from the script. Often a team of 3D artists will work on an animatic including a director, mocap director, 3d moderler, 3d animator, technical artist, sound technician, motion capture actors and storyboard artists. Motion capture actors will be brought in to perform the scenes from the animatic using performance capture suits which provide a base for the 3d artists to effortlessly create fluid animation.

The finished animatic can be used to for ad-testing, a cutscene or event scene (sometimes in-game cinematic or in-game movie) or as a trailer for a commercial advertisement for a feature film.