Full-service animatic production

We’re capable of handling all aspects of animatic production from storyboards, reference gathering, timing drafts, editing, animation, sound design, post production and visual effects. Animatics can be drawn, rendered in 3d or created using photographs. Depending on the chosen medium animatics often evolve into the following:

illustrated storyboards

Illustrated storyboards = Animatic

photographic medium

Photographic medium = Photomatic

What is an animatic?

What is an animatic ? Animatics are used by the film and advertising industry to previsualize what a script will look like once its shot. Often a team of creatives will work on a animatic including a director, animator, sound technician, 3D artist, motion capture actors and storyboard artists. To create the animatic content the team will consider production design, spatial connections, scene staging, depth of frame, camera angles and character design, all with the emphasis of telling a captivating story from the script.

In advertising the finished animatic is used to evaluate the creative and brand impact of the script in various ad-testing platforms. In film it is mainly used for the director to visualize shots with their team including the planning and staging of actors and cameras, selection of lenses, and grip equipment.