Boardomatics- 6 Powerful
Examples of Animated
Storyboards [2023]

What is a boardomatic?

A boardomatic is a series of images or storyboard frames that have been edited together in a video to visualize a story. Boardomatics are generally sketched storyboard frames drawn by a storyboard artist, but also can be a series of photographs, stock footage, or 3D renders. When creating the boardomatic, a storyboard artist will consider character design, production design, spatial connections, scene staging, depth of frame, camera angles and point of view—all with the emphasis of telling a captivating story from the script.

An editor will then take the storyboard frames and using limited camera animation of pans, zooms, dissolves place the storyboard frames in a timeline accompanied with an audio track that provides the pacing.

Boardomatic explained vs. mood film, stealomatic, ripomatic & videomatic

When visualizing a story or script to pitch to clients- producers will often start first by taking film clip snippets from existing online video sources and have them edited into a video. These videos may be called the following; however they mean the same thing:

  • Mood film

  • Stealomatic

  • Ripomatic

  • Videomatic

When a producer has a unique story or concept where they can’t appropriate existing clips they will often turn to a storyboard artist that can create bespoke imagery (storyboard frames, Photo manipulations) to accurately convey the style or feel of the script. The resulting series of images or storyboard frames edited together in a video is called a boardomatic.

What is the cost of a boardomatic?

Compared to an animatic, shooting video or 3D cinematics, boardomatics provide the most cost effective way to visualize your story in a video format. Savvy producers on a lean budget often choose B/W storyboard frames their the medium of choice. Other variables should be considered when pricing a boardomatic including:

  • Amount of frames required to tell the story

  • Voice-over and music requirements

  • Timeline for completion

Boardomatic vs. animatic-which is better?

Results from both qualitative and quantitative advertising ad- testing firms show boardomatics are just as effective as animatics to get concepts through research. Readers should note boardomatics are not a one-size fits all solution for all scripts.

  • Dancing and unique action sequences

  • Continuous camera tracking shots

6 Power boardomatic examples that scored off the charts with focus groups


1. Nissan



2. Shell



3. Forever Mark

Forever Mark


4. Peroni



5. Tresemme



6. Martell


Choose the best medium to tell your story

In the end, select a medium that best tells your story and represents the style or feel of the finished video. Work with an experienced full-service animatic studio that listens and understands your creative brief. While there are cost considerations and requirements to interpret results, telling the best story that fits your advertising objectives provide the greatest

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