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Are you an amazing
Unreal 5 generalist?
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We have movie buffs, comic book & video game aficionados,karaoke singers, java junkies and every other type of creative folks at our company-networked online. You will find a friend and maybe even a life long partner to.

Our hiring process

  • You find or get sent this job ad.
  • We specialize in character animation & motion graphics- review our work and see where you fit in.
  • You send us a link to your best work
  • We send you a link to take a test (or you can take it now)
  • You tell everyone how amazing your life is working from home
  • Your artist friends come on over and you earn a sweet referral bonus

Apply Now

We test everyone before we hire them, regardless
of your portfolio or years of experience. We offer
the following positions:

Unreal 5 Generalist

Our Unreal 5 generalist test involved bringing
a PNG animated sequence into UE5. Make
the animation as dynamic as possible and
showcase your storytelling skills using a camera.

  • Expert in UE5
  • Familiarity importing PNG Sequences
  • Advanced storytelling skills
Download the test

After Effects Animator

Our After Effects test involves bringing a character to
life in a cut-out animation style from a layered Photoshop file.
Make the animation as smooth as possible and
showcase your storytelling skills.

  • Expert in After Effects
  • Expert in Photoshop
  • Familiar with AE plugins
  • Traditional animation skills are a plus
Download the test

Motion Graphics Artist

Our 3D test is based in Maya and involves
some model modification, motion capture cleanup,
animation and rendering/compositing to match the
look/render style. Bring the character to life and showcase
your storytelling skills.

  • Expert in Maya and After Effects
  • Advanced skills in motion graphics
  • Ability to combine various plugins to create particles & VFX
Download the test
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