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The animatic for the new L’Or coffee brand from Jacobs Douwe Egberts was produced for M&C Saatchi London. Their creative brief called for a heroine to elegantly pursue rich golden aromas in an elegant and cat like fashion. We proposed an illustrated 3D style to capture the realistic movement, yet keep an impressionistic quality that leaves room for directorial interpretation.

Shot vs shot comparison

lor_img1 lor_img2 lor_img3 lor_img4 lor_img5 lor_img6

Overall the challenge was getting the elegant movement of the character right- not just the walk but the garment had to flow properly as well. We used NCloth simulations to get this elegant movement for the medium shots and extreme wides. We also added Glitter passes to the dress so we could see a hint of sparkle as she moves. We motion captured an actress for the walk, while adding subtle motions of her hair and hands to make her effortless glide across the walkway.

lor_img7 lor_img8

Facial expressions had many nuisances of enjoyment, and the sensation of smell, as she continued her journey towards her final destination. The creatives at M&C Saatchi wanted our hero character to have a seductive cat eye look, without looking intimidating. We offset being overly sexual by parting her mouth and slightly adjusting the corners of her mouth.


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