Developed in-house, Klipnotes® is the advertising industry’s most trusted remote review and approval system for animation and video production. Used by busy creatives and producers worldwide, Klipnotes solves the solves the problems of:

  • endless email chains
  • incompatible formats
  • missing attachments

Klipnotes is the world’s best browser-based solution for interactive review of stills and video. Reviews are saved in a PDF that contains all notes, drawings and saved frames.

We’ll build your creative team Based on your brief, we’ll match you with elite animation team to complete your next project. We’ve handpicked a diverse group of :

  • Animators
  • visual effect artists
  • Camera operators
  • Choreographers
  • Make-up artists
  • Acting talent
  • Mocap performers
  • Lighting/grip assistance, etc.,