360° Illustration
Bee Golf


We get stoked whenever technology allows us to create artwork in new and exciting ways. When one of our 360° video operators said ,”Hey why don’t you use the same tools we use for 360° video and VR for illustration?” Ding,ding, ding- a light bulb went off. Why not? Before I tell more you may be asking yourself the following:

What’s the difference between old school 360° photography and the latest 360° video craze?


Before that latest VR renaissance 360° photography would appear on hotel websites and require you to download a special plugin to view the spherical imagery. Using today’s cutting edge software from companies like Kolor allow us to not only composite images and video for 360° output, but publish to play in browsers on your desktop,tablet and mobile phone, without the need for additional plugins.


We started this image as a 360° photo taken with a Ricoh Theta. The most challenging aspect of the rendering was placing and rendering the bees by hand in the equirectangular image. Only through trial and error were we able to get the optimum composition.