Custom branded
VR experiences


Invite your audience to immerse themselves within a story like never before. We use CGI environments developed in game engines, binaural audio, haptics and mixed reality sets to direct the viewer's attention throughout the narrative in room-scale mixed reality VR experiences. What is mixed-reality?

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If you asked seasoned military soldiers at who attended our VR installation at ITSEC 2016 they would tell you it was the most realistic VR training experience they had encountered as they stood on a rocky terrain that was digitally scanned and scaled 1-to-1 in the CGI environment. It felt real because, it was real!


Whether your project involves a VR simulation with artificial intelligence, or showcasing a new product that can be customized and ordered— our team of interactive directors, programmers, and technologists will leverage our years of experience using motion capture, set design, 3D game engine technology, CGI, UX/UI and environment builds as we fuse these processes together to create unique branded experiences based around your objectives.


We are a turnkey shop and can deliver 360/VR content across various platforms including Oculus, Vive, GearVR, Daydream and Cardboard or if you want to reach an even broader audience, browser based 360° that is playable on iOS and Android devices.

We’ve recently teamed up with leading NY based installation architect Theo Nguyen. Nguyen provides a level of world-class installation design that combines our VR technology with materials, graphics and space design that will make a permanent impression with your audience.

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