Nissan 360°


In this 360° video we did featuring the Nissan Sentra we wanted to create a surrealistic graphic environment that combined motion graphics and audio that would direct the viewer’s attention throughout. Regardless if the viewer was watching on a web browser, a desktop, a mobile device, or wearing a VR head mounted display (HMD) they would have the same experience.

The following 360° storyboard frames & notes were a few selected from the production.


Our challenge was to create a seamless experience that used audio and graphic elements as navigational elements that direct the attention of the viewer. After experimenting with several rough drafts we discovered that many of our ques worked best wearing a HMD as opposed to viewing on a desktop, tablet or mobile platform.

vr_nissan_2 vr_nissan_3

The most difficult challenge came in creating the motion graphics in 360°. Motion Artist/animator Angel Nieto remarks, "When creating standard motion graphics for video, depth of field and perspective can be faked. However in 360° footage every direction is visible - so we had to figure the best way to create graphics in 3d space that would not be warped or distorted on our final output. Mettle is a plugin which allows the use of motion graphics in 360° footage, but it tends to create bubble dome effect which was not what we wanted. Our solution was using 3d layers along with a 3d camera in After effects to simulate 360 space."