Sesame Street


With over 100 Emmys to its credit, Sesame Street has been a children’s television show that has evolved to reflect changing times– from inciting controversy from showing an integrated cast on American TV screens in 1969 to the shows first HIV positive character In 2002.

“Since Animaticmedia had already produced the TV series, The Adventures of Big Bird and Kami, we thought it would be marvelous to show these characters playing together in VR” Senior 3D animator Anthony Porco remarked.

Porco continued, “ VR opens up new challenges in comparison to what we would traditionally do when creating a hd production. With the technology adapting with what renderers are able to be utilized for VR output and our original solutions for fur and feather development of Kami and Big Bird that involved two different software renderers,

we needed to create an inhouse solution to render both to composite seamlessly. Our resulting process retains the look we have developed as well as works fast and efficiently for use on all of our VR projects.”