360° aerial photography presents several challenges when shooting in South Florida during hurricane season.  After 8 days of rain we had the perfect weather opportunity for our shoot at the Deerfield International Fishing Pier; however we encountered fierce wind conditions for our opening shot.  To smooth out this footage will demand some extra hours for our video stitcher Angel Nieto, who always pulls magic out of his hat in the final cut.  We worked with Voler UAV to help design, fabricate and test a Dji S1000 drone for optimal 360° shooting.

For our sunrise shoot we used a six-camera rig populated with Go-Pro Hero Cams, five on the circumference for the panorama, and one that looked straight down. We also had a single camera on the top of our drone looking up to capture a clean sky plate. Stay tuned as we will share some some amazing footage after the edit.