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360° Social Media animation for Ally bank

One project had us taking a much closer look at money—literally. A social media brandchild from Grey Advertising, N.Y titled ‘Look at Your Money’. The concept was to use a full-frame photo of a dollar bill and place it in a 360˚ environment to demonstrate, that with the help of Ally Bank, you’ll really look closer at your money. As the user rotates the dollar bill, they’ll view fun animations that will highlight unique facts and uncover hidden meanings about the bill.

To create quirky animations that appeared to be spawned from the dollar bill, we first shot high-resolution photos of George W. using a 100mm lens. From those shots we enlarged the imagery and discovered true handcrafted artistry that went into the creation of our nation’s currency. From finely embedded blue and red colored fibers to meticulous textures carved textures— the dollar bill is truly an underappreciated masterpiece.


The creatives at Grey were amazing and gave us the flexibility to craft these animations that worked best in 360°. Most of the animations took place in the front camera view, but for the viewers that dared rotate and follow the action, our Easter egg to the viewer was an animated George Washington.

vr_allybank_left vr_allybank_right

Branded Google cardboard glasses were sent to select clients that allowed them to experience the 360° video in VR. A variety of social media tools encouraged sharing and interaction as the battle for hearts and minds becomes increasingly digital.

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